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As women, we often put others first, inadvertently neglecting our needs and health. But having an annual well-woman exam performed by your ob gyn can greatly reduce the risk of a variety of female problems and complications, and is an easy way to potentially increase your life expectancy.

Denver Tech Center OBGYN specializes in pregnancy and pre-natal care, preventative care and women who are experiencing menopause. Whether you are planning to start a family, if you are experiencing anything abnormal regarding your feminine health or if you are struggling with symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome or menopause, Dr. Eule’s main goal is to help you achieve optimum health throughout your life. At the very least, every woman should have an annual pap smear with a pelvic exam from the age of 21.

Board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. Kristine Eule will help you put your health first by offering comprehensive women’s health care services. We are currently accepting new patients. Please call today to schedule your next appointment.

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